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Digging Deeper into Your Pet’s Health

It’s hard to know what’s wrong with your pet when they can’t communicate with us. Luckily, the veterinary professionals at Mira Lagos Animal Clinic can help. We use state-of-the-art technology and our in-house laboratory to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly. This means we are able to get your pet back to living their best lives faster.

Diagnostic testing isn’t just for when your pet is feeling under the weather. Our Mansfield veterinarians use diagnostic testing alongside your pet’s regular checkups as part of our focus on preventative care. Diagnostic tests help us understand what your pet’s health is normally like, or establish a baseline of your pet’s health for the future. Once we understand what is normal for your pet, we’ll be able to compare new tests to your pet’s baselines to quickly diagnose and treat your pet.

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Diagnostics at Mira Lagos Animal Clinic

Our Mansfield veterinarians will use the latest technology to diagnose your pet when they’re feeling ill or just stopping in for a regular checkup. Our in-house laboratory means that you will get results fast – which is essential when you’re worried about something being wrong.

Our in-house laboratory can perform the following tests:

  • Bloodwork
  • Fecal exams
  • Heartworm testing
  • Urinalysis

All of the above can provide our veterinary staff with more information about what’s going on inside your pet, without being invasive. We keep complete records of all your pet’s laboratory tests so that we can keep track of changes to your pet’s health. If you have records from previous veterinarians, we’d love to see them! A more complete medical history will give us an edge when we’re treating your pet.

Radiological Testing

Another key part of the diagnostic capabilities at Mira Lagos Animal Clinic is our radiological technology. Radiology scans, like x-rays or ultrasounds, give us another way to see what’s going on inside of your pet without using invasive measures. Instead, we will use radiology to take a closer look at issues that might have come up on your pet’s lab work. Using radiology in conjunction with laboratory testing gives us the ability to quickly and precisely diagnose your pet.

Radiological imaging can show us:

  • Detailed pictures of your pet’s bones, joints, and muscles
  • Images of your pet’s teeth and jaw for dental exams
  • Internal organs
  • Heart and blood flow function

A physical exam of your pet can tell your veterinarian many things, but there can be something going on under the surface that a physical can’t see. Our veterinarians in Mansfield will use every tool at their disposal to get your pet diagnosed, fast.

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