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An important aspect of your pet’s overall health is dental care. We know that nobody likes going to see their dentist but taking regular care of your pet’s teeth can have a huge impact on their overall health. Dental disease is the most common diseases afflicting dogs and cats. Don’t let your pet suffer! The Mansfield veterinary dentists at Mira Lagos Animal Clinic are here to get your pet smiling again. We offer a suite of dental services for all of your pet’s oral care needs.

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Dental Disease

If left untreated, periodontal disease can cause everything from infections to loss of teeth. Cleaning your pet’s teeth regularly can go a long way to keeping your pet healthy.

Symptoms of dental disease to look for include:

  • Unusually bad breath
  • Blood in your pet’s saliva or water dish
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Difficulty eating

If you notice any of the above symptoms, your pet may have some form of periodontal disease. Don’t let your pet suffer! Mira Lagos Animal Clinic can help you get their healthy smile back.

How Does Periodontal Disease Start?

Just like humans, pets get periodontal disease from an excess buildup of plaque on their teeth. Plaque in pets is the same as in humans; it’s a bacterial film that can build up on the surface of your pet’s teeth if they are not brushed regularly. The plaque builds up, dies off, then hardens over time, which creates even more surfaces for plaque to build up.

If left for too long, plaque can build up past the gumline and get under your pet’s teeth. This can cause infections and damage to the roots of your pet’s teeth, which may result in loose or lost teeth. The only thing that is effective at this point is professional dental cleaning.

Dental Cleanings at Mira Lagos Animal Clinic

Dental cleaning for pets is a little different than for humans. We use anesthesia to put your pets at ease during the cleaning. We will monitor them the entire time they’re under the anesthesia, so you don’t need to worry. We use top quality anesthesia that is often used for humans, so your pet will recover quickly and easily from their procedure.

During your pet’s dental cleaning, we’ll remove the plaque from your pet’s teeth. Then, we’ll polish each tooth so they’re white and sparkling. Finally, we’ll apply an anti-plaque treatment to your pet’s teeth so that plaque will have a harder time building up. After their dental cleaning, we recommend you keep up with your pet’s dental care by brushing their teeth regularly. We’ll teach you the right way to take care of your pet’s teeth so they’re healthy for years to come!

If you have any questions about our Mansfield pet dentistry services, please give us a call (682) 319-0019 or contact us online.

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